On Psiloritis stratum

Pezoporikos Omilos of Heraklion – Trekking Club of Heraklion will participate in the cultural event titled ‘Psiloritis stratum in Livadiotiko Aori (mountain)’.

 The event is organized by the cultural club of the Livadiotes of diaspora in cooperation with the bureaus of the Municipality of Mylopotamos and the Region of Crete. It aims at highlighting the need for the preservation of our cultural heritage and the well designed paved path (stratum), which starts from the refuge of the Lakkos of Mygeros and  leads to Timios Stavros, the summit of Psiloritis ( 2456m).

The event is organized by the permanent inhabitants of the village of Livadia as well as the ones living in other parts of Greece and abroad. It takes place every year and hosts approximately 4000 visitors from all over the world.  The organization of the event is carried out within hard conditions as on a height of 1700m there is no electricity, running water or trees to offer some shade. 

 It will takle place in the Lakkos of Mygeros, on Saturday, 27 July 2013, according to the following programme:

1.     05:00: Reception of the visitors in the refuge on  the Lakkos of  Mygeros

2.     05:00- 07:00: Pilgrimage ascend, via the paved stratum, to Timios Stavros, the small church which lies  on the summit of Psiloritis ( 2456m)

3.     07:00- 09:00: Mass and Holy Communion 

4.     09:00- 11:00:  Descend to the Lakkos of  Mygeros refuge

5.     12:00: Welcome speech by the chairperson of the the Livadiotes of diaspora

6.     12:30: Speeches on the following themes: a. The history and the customs of the village of Livadia b. 100 years from the union of Crete with Greece

7.     13.30: On situ production of traditional dairy products.

8.      Following, the visitors will be offered dinner including the traditional dishes like the roasted lamb ( antikristo), the boiled lamb with rice and wine.