North Asteroussia

We start our hike from the parkland (250m) of the village of Pyrgos. We take a rural street and paths to ascend to the picturesque village of Ethia ( 735m), where we stop for half an hour. We continue our hike to ascend to the church of Analipsis ( 905m). There, we stop to enjoy the view to the valley of Messara, Psiloritis and Asteroussia mountains and the Lybian sea.

We follow a very old path to descend to the village of Pyrgos, having a constant view to  the valley of Messara.

Trekking Hours : 5
Guide : Georgios Velegrakis
Departure at 8.00 o'clock from "Bus Station of Chanioporta"

Info & Registration: Mon.- Fri., 8-10pm at our office, Averof 25, tel 2810344588 & www. ( for on line applications, as well).

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